Giáo án Tiếng Anh 10 - Unit 14: The world cup

A. Pronunciation

Choose the word that has the underlined part differently from the others

1. a. cup b. competition c. corn d. center

2. a. globe b. engineer c. gain d. great

3. a. know b. weak c. steak d. kick

4. a. general b. change c. agent d. guest

5. a. knife b. keyboard

 c. knowledge d. knee


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CE161a CE 161 Date : ngày tháng Time : giờ phút ~ giờ phút Name: _____________________ UNIT 14: THE WORLD CUP A. Pronunciation Choose the word that has the underlined part differently from the others 1. a. cup b. competition c. corn d. center 2. a. globe b. engineer c. gain d. great 3. a. know b. weak c. steak d. kick 4. a. general b. change c. agent d. guest 5. a. knife b. keyboard c. knowledge d. knee 6. a. talks b. sits c.jogs d. stops CE161b B. Will vs going to _ Chúng ta hãy so sánh tương lai dự định (be going to V)và tương lai đơn (will V) Future Future now now a.“be going to”:có ý định a. “will V”: sẽ * Nói lên 1 ý định, 1 kế * Nói lên hành động hoạch có sẵn. không được dự tính sẵn. A: There is now a good A: There is now a good film on at the cinema. Do film on at the cinema. Do you know about this? you know about this? B: Yes, I do. I’m going to B: No, I don’t. I’ll see it see it tonight. tonight. b. “Be going to”: sắp, sẽ b. “will V”: sẽ _ Diễn tả tương lai gần kề _ Có thể diễn tả tương lai _ Look! The lift is going xa, hoặc không ám chỉ to break down. thời gian cụ thể nào cả. (Nhìn kìa, cầu thang máy _The lift will break down. sắp hỏng rồi.) (ám chỉ cầu thang sẽ hỏng vào 1 lúc nào đó trong tương lai) will V be going to V CE162a CE 162 Choose the correct answer _ If I catch some fish, I (will cook / am going to cook) them for you. 1. Why do you want a candle? (Are you going to explore / Will you explore) the caves? 2. Perhaps he (will arrive / is going to arrive) in time for lunch. 3. Where are you going tonight? _ I (will go / am going) out with Peter. 4. I am sure that you (will like / are going to like) our new house. 5. She (will have / is going to have) £1000 a year when she is twenty-one. 6. I’ve planned my future for the next 2 years. _ That is very clever of you. What _____ you (do) ______? CE162b Complete the sentences using “will V” or “be going to V” (sử dụng “will V” hoặc “be going to V” để hoàn thành các câu sau) _ Are you going shopping? _ Yes, (I / buy / something / dinner) Yes, I am going to buy something for dinner. 1. I have bought some bricks and (I / build / garage) . 2. There is someone at the door. (I / go / open / it) . 3. Why are you taking down all the pictures? (I / repaper / room) . 4. Don’t sit in the sun for too long. (You / have / headache) . CE163a CE 163 Put the verbs in brackets in the correct forms _ Why did you buy all these eggs? _ Are you (make) going to make an enormous omelette tonight? 1. ______ you (buy) ______ stamps tomorrow? _ Yes, I am. 2. ______ you (be) ______ angry if he refuses to help you? 3. I had my car well-repaired. I (go) ______ to London tomorrow. 4. I’ll ask my brother for some money, but I know he (not / lend) ______ me any because he (be) ______ very mean. 5. I’ve decided to repaint this window. _ Oh, have you? What color ______ you (paint) ______ it? 6. Do you know Lan has come here? _ Yes, I do. I (see) ______ her tonight. CE163b Find out the mistake from the underlined words _ Where are you going? A _ I’m going to go to John’s house. B C D câu B: bỏ to go 1. Are you going to the auction tomorrow? A _ Yes, I will go, but I am not going to buy anything. B C D 2. Did you boil the egg for me? A B _ Oh, I’m sorry. I completely forgot. I am doing it C D now. 3. The sky is getting really dark and it’ll storm. A B C D 4. There are two bikes outside the yard. A blue one A B C belongs to me. D CE164a CE 164 Gap-fill: _ Jack : What are you going to do tonight ? _ Bill: There is a good film on at the cinema. I ___(1)___ it tonight. I heard Bob tell me that: “The Spy Return” is a very ___(2)___ film about a __(3)____ man ___(4)___ visits Italy. He doesn’t think that home is __(5)____ and he is very __(6)____ there. Then suddenly one night he is very surprised. ___(7)___ beautiful girl runs up to him and gives him a mysterious letter. From that moment his wife is no longer bored, he does a lot of dangerous things. For example, he jumps ___(8)___ a lake to save a famous person. ___(9)___ film is very thrilling indeed. 1. a. am going to see b. see c. will see d. saw 2. a.excited b.excite c.exciting d.excitingly 3. a. wealth b. wealthy c. wealthily d. wealthiness 4. a. which b. whom c. who d. Þ 5. a. interest b. interesting c. interested d. interests 6. a. bore b. bores c. boring d. bored 7. a. the b. A c. An d. Þ 8. a. into b. in c. to d. from 9. a. The b. A c. An d. Þ CE164b Rewrite the sentences, using “to infinitive” _ You should go to Britain if you want to improve your English. You should go to Britain to improve your English. 1. You should book the tickets well in advance if you want to go back your hometown for Tet. . 2. He went to university. He wanted to study technology. . 3. I wanted to thank her for the lovely evening, so I wrote her a letter. . 4. I stayed home because I wanted to finish my homework. . CE165a CE 165 Rewrite the following sentences without changing their original meanings _ I must study harder because I want to pass the final exam. In order to pass the final exam, I must study harder. 1. I wanted to find out the time of the performances, so I phoned the cinema. In order . 2. We will meet her tomorrow. She . 3. They are going to build a new house in this area. A new house . 4. He doesn’t study hard, so he won’t pass the exam. If . 5. I wasn’t hungry, so I didn’t eat lunch. If . CE165b Choose the best answer 1. The TV is rather expensive. I don’t bring enough money, so I think that I _______ it tomorrow. a. am going to buy b. will buy c. am buying d. buy 2. I’ve planned to have a party, so I _______ to supermarket for some food. a. will go b. was going c. go d. am going 3. I don’t know how to use this cassette. _ It is quite easy. I _______ you. a. will show b. am going to show c. show d. am showing 4. _______ you see John last night? a. Do b. Will c. Did d. Are 5. There are _______ beautiful girls in the room. a. the b. a c. an d. Þ 6. The movie was _______. a. disappointed b. disappointing c. disappointingly d. disappoint CE166a CE 166 Date : ngày tháng Time : giờ phút ~ giờ phút Name: _____________________ UNIT 14: THE WORLD CUP C. Will _ making predictions 1. Will: có thể được dùng để dự đoán về tương lai, nói rằng điều chúng ta nghĩ, dự đoán hoặc tính toán sẽ xảy ra. Những ý nghĩa này có thể được trình bày bởi các động từ như: be sure, be afraid, believe, expect, hope, think, know, wonder (tự hỏi). _ I think that he will come back soon. _ I’m afraid that she will be late for work. hoặc đi kèm với các trạng từ như: perhaps (có lẽ), possibly (có thể được), probably (có thể), surely (chắc chắn). _ Perhaps we will find him at the hotel. CE166b Complete the sentences with the given words in the box won’t pass, will possibly sell, will win, will play won’t like, will pass, will forget, will meet _ I’m afraid that he will forget all about it. 1. They _______ the house. 2. Don’t worry about your exam. I’m sure you _______ it. 3. Keep calm. I think he _______ the game. 4. It now seems unlikely that Rooney _______ in the match against France. 5. Goodbye. I expect we _______ again before long. 6. Don’t come to that new restaurant. I’m sure you _______ it. 7. I’m having my driving test soon, but I know I _______ it. I haven’t had enough lessons. CE167a CE 167 Put “will V or be going to V” in the sentences _ You don’t need your raincoat today. I don’t think it (rain) will rain today. 1. Why are you taking that big basket? _ I (buy) _______ a lot of vegetables. 2. He (probably / be) _______ late for school today. 3. I’m afraid that he (have) _______ difficulty in finding the way to my house. 4. Why are you carrying a corkscrew? _ I (open) _______ a bottle of wine. 5. Look at those black clouds. It (rain) _______. 6. I’ve come out without any money. _ Never mind, I (lend) _______ you some. 7. Have you planned to write to her? _ Yes, I have. I (write) _______ to her tonight. CE167b D. Will – making offers _ Will: có thể dùng để đưa ra lời đề nghị hoặc lời mời. _ Will you open the door for me, please? _ Yes, certainly. Choose the correct answer _ (Will you / Are you going to) do something for me? _ Yes, of course. What is it? 1. (Will you buy / Are you going to buy) stamps? _ Yes, I am. _ Then (will you buy / are you going to buy) some for me, please? 2. (Will you bath / Are you going to bath) your dog? _ Yes, (will you help / are you going to help) me. 3. (Are you going to have / Will you have) another cup of coffee? _ No, thank. 4. (Are you going to sign / Will you sign) here, please? CE168a CE 168 Arrange the given words in the correct order _ What color / the room / paint / are / going / to / you / ? What color are you going to paint the room? 1.You / how to use / me / will / show / this camera/? . 2. going / the / to / I / wash / car / am . 3. sure / I / he / am / will / with your homework / help you . 4. are / you / after university / do / what / going / to / ? . 5. I / will / I think / wear / have to / glasses to read . CE168b Put the verbs in brackets in the correct form _ Will you (put) put my car away from me, please? _ Yes, certainly. 1. I’m looking for my easel. _ _______ you (paint) _______ someone’s portrait? 2. Child: I’ve torn my dress. Mother: I (mend) _______ it for you. 3. _ I’m catching the 6:30 train. _ So am I. I (give) _______ you a lift to the station. 4. They’ve brought a rope and they (tow) _______ the car to a garage. 5. “_______ you (read) _______ this passage aloud, please” said the examiner. _ easel (n) / iÙ:zl/: khung vẽ _ rope (n) /roup/: dây thừng _ tow (v) / təu/: kéo CE169a CE 169 Find out the mistake from the underlined words _ At first, I thought Jack was interesting in books, A B but today I felt that he was bored with them. C D câu B: interested 1. Are you tiring of doing mathematics when you A B don’t know any mathematics formulas? C D 2. My nephew is coming to stay with me next A B weekend. _ Where will you put him? C _ in the room in the tower. D 3. I’m sure that John likes your car when he sees it. A B C D 4. My uncle has a boy and a girl. However, of two A B C children, a boy is more intelligent. D CE169b Reading _ Mrs. Davis was very sad. She had been sick and now she couldn’t hear anymore. She was sad because she had a baby to take care of. When the baby cried, Mrs. Davis couldn’t hear him. _ Then Mrs. Davis got Banjo. Banjo was a dog trained to help people who can’t hear. When the baby cried, Banjo ran to Mrs. Davis and reared up on its hind legs. Banjo also “told” Mrs. Davis when the telephone was ringing or when someone was knocking at the door. _ Mrs. Davis was happy because she had Banjo to help her. CE170a CE 170 1. The best title is _______ a. Looking for a Lost Dog b. Mrs. Davis Went to the Doctor c. How Banjo Helped Mrs. Davis d. Taking Care of a Pet Dog 2. The story says that Mrs. Davis _______ a. could not see b. could not hear c. disliked dogs d. loved cats 3. Banjo “told” Mrs. Davis when _______ a. her food was cooked b. her car needed gas c. the TV was on d. the telephone rang 4. Mrs. Davis probably _______ a. loved Banjo b. disliked Banjo c. did not own Banjo d. had no children 5. The word “reared” underlined means: _______ a. slept b. stood c. fell d. swam CE170b Choose the best answer 1. I’ve got a headache. _ Have you? Wait there and I _______ an aspirin for you a. am going to get b. get c. will get d. am getting 2. The Taylors _______ on a cruise around the Mediterranean to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. a. are going to go b. will go c. are going d. go 3. “Wow! This suitcase is heavy,” “I _______ it for you. Give it to me” a. will carry b. am carrying c. am going to carry d. carry 4. I often have _______ breakfast at _______ home. a. the / the b. a / a c. Þ / the d. Þ / Þ 5. There is _______ good film on at _______ cinema tonight. a. the / the b. a / the c. a / a d. Þ / Þ

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