Bài giảng Tiếng anh Lớp 8 - Unit 12, Lesson 1: Getting started



Life on Erath and other planets


Stress in words ending in –ful and -less


May and might: review

Report speech: questions


Predicting what other life forms might be like

Asking and answering questions about life on other planets.

1. Listen and read.

1. Where are Duong and Nhi?

2. What are they doing?

3. What might they be talking about?


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Lesson 1: GETTING STARTEDLIFE ON OTHER PLANETS12Unit What could happen to earth?THIS UNIT IN CLUDES:VOCABULARYLife on Erath and other planetsPRONUCIATIONStress in words ending in –ful and -lessGRAMMARMay and might: reviewReport speech: questionsCOMMUNICATIONPredicting what other life forms might be likeAsking and answering questions about life on other planets.captaintrek crewterrorist(n)(n)(n)(n): thuyền trưởng: hành trình: thủy thủ đoàn: kẻ khủng bốVocabularyalien(n): người ngoài hành tinh1. buggy(n): xe vũ trụ6.galaxy(n): dải ngân hà7.solar system(n): hệ mặt trời8.1. Listen and read.1. Where are Duong and Nhi?2. What are they doing?3. What might they be talking about?1. Duong and Trang saw a boring film yesterday.2. Nhi has seen Star Trek 2009.3. Star Trek 2009 is a non-fiction film.4. Nhi and Trang sometimes thinks about the future of the world.5. Duong sounds sure about the future of the Earth.TFa. Tick () true (T) or false (F).b. Answer the questions.1. Who is the captain of the spaceship? James Kirk is the captain of the spaceship. 2. Where did the crew go in Star Trek 2009?They went to Nibiru planet.3. When does the story in Star Trek Into Darkness happen? It happens in 2259.4. What do you think is the Enterprise? It’s the name of the spaceship that the crew travel on.5. What does John Harrison want to do? He wants to destroy Earth.c. Can you find the sentences in reported speech in the conversation? Underline them.aliens space buggy galaxy planet weightless solar system spaceship UFOaliensspace buggygalaxy planetweightless solar systemspaceship UFO2. Label the picture. Then listen and repeat.124356873. Use the words/ phrases in 2 to fill the blanks.1. The __________ were green and they had huge head and big eyes.2. The aliens came out of a _________, which looked like a disk.3. A __________ is a vehicle used for travelling on the surface of the moon.4. A moon moves around a __________ and a __________ move around a star5. In a __________ environment, everything floats uncontrollably.6. There are eight planets that moves round the Sun in our __________ 7. We don’t know how many solar systems there are in each __________ 8. Vostok 1 is a name of the __________ in which Yuri Gagarin flew into outer space.aliensspace buggygalaxy planetweightless solar systemspaceship UFOplanet14 GAME: WHAT AND WHERE2aliens3solar systemUFO4567planetgalaxyweightlessspaceship8space buggyHOMEWORK* Learn by heart vocabulary.* Speak with your friends* Prepare lesson 2: A closer look 1.

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