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I. Review the form of the present simple tense.


 S + V (s/es)

Ex1: I go to school by bike.

Ex2: Lan gets up at six every day.

Ex3: My mother washes the clothes in the evening.

II. Review the form of the present progressive tense


S + am/ is/ are + Ving

Ex1: I am doing my homework now.

Ex2: Lan is reading a book at present.

Ex3: They are playing soccer at the moment.


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Date of teaching: Week 1 TENSES I. Review the form of the present simple tense. Form: S + V (s/es) Ex1: I go to school by bike. Ex2: Lan gets up at six every day. Ex3: My mother washes the clothes in the evening. II. Review the form of the present progressive tense Form: S + am/ is/ are + Ving Ex1: I am doing my homework now. Ex2: Lan is reading a book at present. Ex3: They are playing soccer at the moment. III. Review the form of the simple future tense. Form: S + Will + infinitive Ex1: Lan will have an exam next month. Ex2: They will move to Hanoi next summer. I. Supply the correct form of the verbs in brackets 1. He (be) a good student. 2. Nam (go) to school by bike. 3. They (play) soccer now. 4. Mai (take) an exam next week. 5. We (have) Math on Monday, Thursday and Saturday. 6. Hai (visit) his Uncle next week 7. My father (work) in a factory. 8. Nam (have) breakfast at 6.30 everyday. 9. Mai (go) camping with her friends next week. 10. What (be) this? _ It (be) a table. 11. What you ( do ) tomorrow? 8. How old (be) you on your next birthday? – I (be) 12. 9. What she (do) at present? – She is doing her homework. 10. Mai (get) up at 5.00. Date of teaching: Week 2 REVIEW I. Make questions with the underlined words. 1. Mrs Hoa works in a hospital. 2. Nam is listening to music. 3. They are in grade 6. 4. Mai gets up at 6.00. 5. I will go to school at 6.15 tomorrow. 6. We go to school by bus. 7. My birthday is on September 5th. 8. Hung lives at 10 Nguyen Van Cu Street. 9. It’s bout 2 km from here to the bank. 10. He is watching TV at present. II. Use the words given to make meaningful sentences. 1. I /14/ my next birthday. 2. Nam/ read/ book/ now. 3. We/ sometimes/go/ swimming. 4. Ba/ write// letter/his grandmother/ tomorrow. 5. They/ play/ soccer/ moment. 6. The students/ class 7C / be/ good. 7. How old/ you/ be/ next birthday? 8. My mother/ usually/ go/ work/ by bus. III. Homework. Write a short paragraph about yourself (name/ address/birthday/ distance/ means of transport) š›œš›œš›œš›œ Date of teaching: Week 3 EXCLAMATORY SENTENCES I. Review the form of exclamatory sentences. Form: What + (a / an) + adj + n! II. Write exclamatory sentences. She is a pretty girl. He is a handsome boy. They are good students. It’s a delicious dinner. They are expensive shirts. This student is very intelligent. This test is difficult. It’s an expensive dress. It’s a modern house. It’s an interesting book. III. Choose the correct words in brackets. She lives (on/ at/ in/ with) 10 Tran Hung Dao Street. Her birthday is (at/ in/ on/ from) May 2nd. Lan (is/ will is/ will be/ will being) 11 on her next birthday. Mr Green works (in/ at/ for/ on) a farm. My father is a doctor. He takes care (for/ of/ to/ in) sick people. She doesn’t have (many/ some/ a lot of/ lots of) friends in Hanoi. Her new school is different (of/ with/ for/ from) her old school. Nam is (fater/ fattest/ fatter/ the fatter) than Ba. Will you go to the zoo next week?- Yes, I (will/ will not/ am/ don’t) Her (full/ family/ middle) name is Ngoc. š›œš›œš›œš›œ Date of teaching: Week 4 COMPARATIVE AND SUPERLATIVE I. Review the form of comparative and superlative. 1. Comparative. a. Short adj: ADJ + ER b. Long adj: MORE + ADJ 2. Superlative. a. Short adj: ADJ + EST b. Long adj: THE + MOST + ADJ Irregular: Adj/ Adv è comparative è superlative - good/ well better the best - many/ much more the most - bad / badly worse the worst - little less the least - far farther/ further the farthest/ the furthest II. Supply the correct form of the adjs or advs in brackets. Nam is (old) than Ba. This house is (big) than mine. He is (intelligent) than we. She is the (tall) in her group. This shirt is (expensive) of all. Loan studies Math (well) than you. He has (many) books than I. She is the (beautiful) in her class. His house is (far) than mine. Nam is the (fat) in his group. Who is (tall), Mai or Loan? I study Math (well) than you. He is the (handsome) in his class. She studies E the (badly) in her group. Nam speak E (slowly) than Lan. I have (little) money than he. IV. Use the words given to make meaningful sentences. We/ travel/ Nha Trang/ next week. Nga and Lan/ play/ chess/ moment. The students/ go/ camp/ next Sunday. My father/ usually / watch TV/ after dinner. š›œš›œš›œš›œ Date of teaching: Week 5 REWIEW I. Read the passage. Then answer the questions. Mai lives in the city with her parents and two brothers. She lives at 20 Nguyen Tri Phuong Street. Her telephone number is 8 290 345. On her next birthday, June 1st, Mai will be 13. She will have a small party for her birthday. She will invite some best friends to her house. They will eat cake and sweet. And they will have a lot of fun. The party will start at 5 and end at 9 p.m. Questions: What’s Mai’s address? Who does she live with? What’s her telephone number? How old is she now? What’s her date of birth? Will she have a big party for her birthday? Who will she invite? What will they eat? Will they have lots of fun? How long will the party last? II. Fill in the gaps with the suitable words given. favorite washing machine dishwasher interesting lovely modern kitchen My mother is cooking in the Picture books are very She put her dirty clothes in the . Apple is my fruit. It’s the most watch. is machine that washes dishes. What a girl! III. Read the sentences given and guess their jobs. She teaches students in a school. She is a He takes care of people’s teeth. He is a They write articles for a newspaper. They are He grows vegetables on the farm. He is a She takes care of sick people. She is a IV. Fill in the gap with a suitable preposition. Her father works a farm in the countryside. A nurse takes care sick people. The books are the bookshelf. Mr John lives America. Her mother works hard morning night. V. Supply the correct form of the adjs or advs in brackets. Orange juice is (good) than coffee. Ha is the (clever) in her class. Cars are (expensive) than motorbikes. Mai is the (beautiful) girl of the three sisters. This apartment is the (suitable) for your family. Watching TV is (interesting) than reading books. The blue hat is (cheap) than the white hat. Minh is (intelligent) than his brother. Lan is the (happy) in her group. This house is the (new) of the three. VI. Match the half – sentences. A What’s your job? Who do you live with? Where’s the telephone? When’s your birthday? What’s your address? B August 15th. On the desk. My mother and father. I’m a worker. 14 Le Loi Street. VII. Supply the correct form of the verbs in brackets. Trung (be) a student in class 7B. His full name (be) Pham Quoc Trung. He (be) 13 years old now, but he (be) 14 on his next birthday. Trung (live) with his parents at 2/ 23 Nguyen Trai Street. Trung’s house (not be) large but it (be) very comfortable. It (have) a bright living room, two lovely bedrooms and a large, modern bathroom and a kitchen. There (be) a small yard in front of the house. His mother (grow) vegetables in the yard. His father (work) in a factory and now he (read) a newspaper. VIII. Change into Exclamatory sentences. The dinner is delicious. She’s a wonderful mother. They’re beautiful pictures. The weather is very awful. The test is very easy. Week 6 I. Ask and answer the questions. (speaking) What time do you get up? What time do you go to school? What time do you have breakfast/ lunch/ dinner? When do you have Math/ English/ Physics/ History? What time do you go to bed? II. Fill in the gaps with the words given in the box. what time too classes timetable an favorite will physics Mary: I don’t have my 1What do we have today? John: We have math, 2, history and English. Mary:3 do we have physics? John: We have it from 7.45 to 8.30. Mary: What 4 will we have tomorrow? John: We 5 have Geography, Art, Music and Physical Education. Mary: What is your 6 subject, John? John: I like math. It’s 7 interesting and important subject. Mary: Yes, I like math 8 III. Match the question in A with its answer in B A Where are the E books? What time does the library open? How far is it from your house to the library? How long does it take from your house to the library? Where can I find a card index? What do students do in the library? What books are on the left? How often do you go to the library? B About two km. They read books. Twice a month. Math and science books. In the library. About half an hour. On the shelf on the left. At 7. 30. Week 7 I. Write the time. 1. 7.15 - - - 2. 7. 30 – - 3. 6.45 – - - 4. 9.45 – - - 5. 10. 50 – - - II. Supply the correct form of the adjs in brackets. What an (interest) film! Mai is (tall) than her sister. Who is the (beautiful) Lan, Mai or Loan? It is a (bore) book. Her English is (good) than my English. John is the (young) student in his class. Mai looks very (happy) today. My house id the (far) in our class. This bag is (bad) than that one. This road is the (narrow) in this village. III. Answer the questions. What time do you get up? What time do you go to school? When do you have math? What time does your class start and finish? What time does your family have lunch? Does your school have a library? When is your birthday? How many classes do you have on Thursday? IV. Choose the correct answers. The class at 7 o’clock in the morning. a. start b. starts c. ends 2. do you go to bed? – At half past nine. a. What b. How long c. What time 3. Students have one each day. a. 15 – minutes break b. 15 – minute break c. 15 – minute breaks 4. 1. 15’ a. It’s a quarter to one b. It’s a quarter past one c. It’s half past one 5. Which is the apartment? a. better b. most c. best 6. Students in the USA Saturdays. a. go b. don’t go c. are not 7. What do you usually do recess? a. at b. on c. in 8. The on the left have math and science books. a. shelf b. shelves c. shelfs V. Match a question in A with its answer in B. A What are you doing? What do you usually do after school? What should I do to have a good health? Why don’t you take a rest? You look tired. What sports does your brother like playing? What do you usually do at recess? How often do you play computer games? When do you have Math? B Football Twenty minutes a day. I’m playing the piano. Chatting. I often watch TV. You should take physical exercise. We have it on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Yes, maybe I will. Week 8 I. Fill in the blank with a suitable word. 1. We study books and write essays in 2. They are playing badminton present. 3. What is your favorite ? Math. 4. We enjoy soccer very much. 5. Trang usually rope with her friends at recess. 6. We learn how to use a computer in Computer class. II. Read the text and answer the questions. Loan is a student at a secondary school. Her school is in a small town. Students in her class come from many villages. They are the same her age, thirteen years old. She goes to school six days a week. She doesn’t go to school on Sunday. Loan learns many subjects at school. She learn four or five periods a day. Her favorite subject is Geography. She likes this subject because she studies maps and learn many interesting countries in the world Questions. Where is Loan’s school? Do students in her class come from the same village? How many days a week does she go to school? Does she learn many subjects at school? Which subject does she like best? Why? III. Write the answers about you. Which class are you in? How many days a week do you go to school? What time does your class begin and finish? What subjects do you learn at school? What is your favorite subject? What do you usually do at recess? Week 9 I. Choose the right words in brackets. 1. My father never (drink/ to drink/ drinking/ drinks) coffee. 2. Nam likes (play/ playing/ to play/ plays) volleyball. 3. There is nothing in the refrigerator. Let’s (go/ to go/ going/ goes) to the market. 4. Nam enjoys (to play/ play/ playing/ plays) computer games. 5. She is interested in (collect/ to collect/ collecting/ collects) stamps. 6. Would you like (listening/ to listen/ listen/ to listening) to music? 7. Will your sister be home (to/ for/ at/ with) dinner tonight? 8. What do you (usually do/ do usually/ usually does/ does usually) at recess? 9. Minh is the (taller/ tallest/ more tall/ most tall) in his class. 10. How (long/ much/ often/ far? Is it from your school to the post office? II. Supply the correct form of the verbs in brackets. Mai (read) in the library at present. Where is your brother? – He (listen) to music in his room. Listen! The girl (sing) a song. Hoa always (help) her parents on their farm in her free time. It’s ten to seven. Hurry up or you (be) late for school. We (go) swimming every afternoon. He (not go) to the party tomorrow night. My father never (drink) coffee. What he (study) at the moment? They often (play) chess in their free time. III. Answer the questions. What time does your class start? Which subject are you good at? How long does your summer vacation last? What do you study in Language class? What does your father usually do in his free time? Week 9 Use the words given to make meaningful sentences. he/ play tag/ recess? I/ learn/ countries/ geography. what/ you/ do/ after school? she/ go/ school/ six/ week. they/ do/ experiments/ physics. we/ have/ dinner/ in ten minutes. he/ usually/ go/ home/ after 6pm. they/ going/ have/ party/ Saturday. Mr Hai/ teach/ same school/ Mr Long. we/ usually/ go/ school/ foot. Put the words in the correct order to make meaningful sentences. a/ idea/ it’s/ to/ a/ go/ good/ walk/ now/ for. aren’t/ good/ any/ there/ films/ at/ the/ showing/ moment. do/ this/ we/ should/ evening/ what? is/ 25th/ Minh’s/ on/ birthday/ June. works/ a/ countryside/ farm/ Mr Lam/ in/ on/ the. there/ in/ any/ are/ books/ English? many/ are/ rooms/ how/ in/ your/ there/ house? call/ you/ get/ me/ when/ please/ home. will/ you/ new/ lots/ friends/ of/ have/ soon. do/ on/ you/ what/ usually/ Saturday/ do? is/ computers/ Mai/ interested/ books/ in/ on. go/ have/ drink/ let’s/ to/ a/ canteen/ the/ and. computer/ like/ I/ games/ don’t/ playing/ really. our/ opens/ at/ library/ 7.00/ school/ o’clock. is/ talking/ Ms Lan/ to/ at/ the/ my/ moment/ mother. Match a question in A with its answer in B. A What will you do tomorrow? Is he going to the supermarket? Should we play table tennis? Will you be home for dinner tonight? What sports does Hang like playing? Where do you play marble? What day is it today? Will you come to school early tomorrow? B It’s Sunday. In the yard. No. I’ll be home late. Yes, I will. I’ll visit my old teacher. Yes, I’d love to. Yes, he is. Volleyball. Week 10 Choose the correct words in brackets. (What/ Where/ Who/ Which) a lovely dog! Will you be home (to/ at/ for/ with) dinner tonight? Lan’s birthday is (at/ in/ for/ on) May 1st. Mai lives (at/ on/ in/ of) 14 Tran Hung Dao Street. Mr Hai repairs machines in a factory. He is a (farmer/ worker/ doctor/ mechanic). How (long/ far/ much/ often) is it from your house to the bus stop? What do you usually do (on/ in/ for/ at) recess? (May/ March/ August/ September) is between April and June. We are interested (on/ in/ at/ with) soccer. Would you like (play/ playing/ to playing/ to play) tennis? Lan enjoys (to eat/ eating/ eat/ to eating) fruit very much. It’s time (at/ to/ in/ for) recess. In the (Language/ Computer/ Electronics/ Physics) class, we study E. We write essays in (history/ physics/ geography/ literature). Mai is a student (on/ at/ from/ in) Quang Trung school. Supply the correct tense of the verbs in brackets. Lan (be) thirteen on her next birthday. Where (be) your parents? – They (watch) TV in the living room. They (repair) their house next week. Mai (do) her homework in her room now. What you usually (do) in your free time? What the boys (do) in the yard at the moment? – They (play) tag. When you (leave) for Hanoi? – Next Sunday. How he (go) to work every day? This exercise is (difficult) than that one. Read the text and find out the sentences below true or false. I’m John. I come from Liverpool in England. I live in Vietnam with my family and I am learning in a Vietnamese school. Schools in VN are a little different from schools in England. Students usually wear uniform when they go to school. Each student has classes only in the morning or in the afternoon. The morning classes start at 7:00 and finish at 11:15. The afternoon classes start at 13:00 and finish at 17:15. They have no classes on Sundays. Students have four or five periods each day. It takes 45 minutes for a period. After a period ends, they have 5 minutes to relax. Especially, when the second period finishes, students have a physical exercise in the yard. Questions: Students in VN usually wear school uniform. Each st has classes all day from 7 am to 17: 15 pm. The afternoon classes start at one o’clock. Sts don’t have lessons on Saturdays and Sundays. Sts have more than 5 periods a day. Each period takes 55 minutes. Sts relax for 5 minutes after each period. After the second period, Sts have a physical exercise. Week 11 Match a line in A with a line in B to make question. Then find an answer in C. A B C What time Where How What When How far How long can you get newspapers at school? do you do your homework? does the library open? is it from your classroom to the library? do you travel to school? does it take from your house to school? do sts do in the library? After dinner. In the library. They read books. At 7 am Not very far. About 200 meters. By bike. About 10 minutes. Rewrite the sentences with the beginning words. What is your address? Where.? Lan is taller than Mai. Mai I have more pens than she. She Would you like to play chess? Let’s Should we go swimming? Would Mai has less money than Hoa. Hoa What does Mr Ha do? What? Ba is fatter than Nam. Nam Make questions for the underlined phrases. We are going to France for our holidays. We should go out for a walk at the moment. He has to get back home at half past ten. She is unhappy because she misses her parents and friends. It’s about 100 km from Hue to Da Nang. The bank is opposite the supermarket. Lan enjoys collecting American stamps. Hoa will go to the countryside with her parents. Week 12 I. Choose the words that best complete the sentences. 1. Her name is Nguyen Ngoc Tam. Her name is Ngoc. a. family b. full c. middle 2. She lives 10 Tran Phu Street. a. in b. on c. at d. from 3. is your date of birth? a. Which b. Where c. When d. What 4. Children should to bed early. a. to go b. go c. going d. to going 5. His date of birth is May 19th. a. on b. in c. at d. for 6. Nga is .. a play for the school anniversary celebration. a. making b. rehearsing c. practicing d. doing 7. . a lovely hat! a. Where b. Where c. Which d. What 8. How is it from your house to the post office? a. high b. long c. far d. often 9. She plays volleyball . the school team. a. of b. for c. with d. to 10. I enjoy .. soccer. a. to play b. play c. to playing d. playing 11. Would you like .. a movie? – I’d love to. a. to see b. see c. seeing d. sees 12. They are interested literature. a. on b. at c. in d. of 13. We write essays in . a. chemistry b. history c. geography d. literature 14. . does Lan have science class? – At 8:45 a. When b. What time c. How long d. How far 15. My first math class is Monday at 7:45. a. in b. at c. on for 16. Ba learns to repair household appliances in class. a. physics b. electronics c. biology d. history 17. is her birthday? a. What b. How c. Where d. When 18. His birthday is Feb 19th. a. at b. in c. on d. from 19. The books in E are at the of the library. a. middle b. back c. right d. left 20. My class at 7 am. a. start b. finishes c. starts d. finish II. Supply the correct tense of the verbs in brackets. My sister (be) ten on her next birthday. Mr Hai usually (go) to work at 6.30. Lan (listen) to the radio at the moment. All the students (take) an exam next week. Lan (visit) her grandfather next week. Peter (listen) to music at present. Our classes (start) at 1 o’clock. She always (get) up at 4.30. Week 13 Each sentence has a mistake. Find it and correct it. They do their homework at present. What time does classes start? I’ll be for home at 7 pm. He plays often computer games three times a week. Should we to go out for a drink? Would you like to go to the movies? – I’m sorry, I don’t. Do you go to school early tomorrow? Mai is very much interested of learning E. The math and science books are on the shelves at the left. Where is you’re address? Fill in each gap with a suitable verb. My mother often her shopping twice a week. Nam can’t any musical instruments. I enjoy stamps. We are always busy. We no time to play games. Would you like chess. Fill in the gaps with the missing words to complete the dialogue. Mai: Will you free tomorrow? Lan: Yes, I will. Mai: Would you swimming? Lan: ? Mai: At 8 am. Lan: Oh. Sorry. I have to go to my aunt house at that time? 2:30 pm? Mai: Ok. at 2:30 tomorrow. mother is a teacher. She is always busy at school. I have an elder sister – Mai. She is a nurse, and she works in a hospital. I love my family very much. *. Questions: 1. How old is Lan? 2. What is her father’s job? 3. Who is always busy at school? 4. What is her sister’s job? 5. Where does her sister work? 6. How many people are there in her family? Week 14 DO SOME TESTS

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