Bài giảng Tiếng anh Lớp 4 - Unit 15: When’s children’s day? (Lesson 1) - Trường Tiểu học Ái Mộ B

1. We give our teachers lots of   

on Teachers' Day.

2.   the door, please.

3. The   are beautiful.

4. She's cleaning the   now.

We buy flowers

And decorate the house.

We clean the floor

And we wear new clothes.

We go out

And run along the street.

We see our family

And all our friends.

1.It's   soon.

2.Mai's family go to the market and buy many  .

3.They decorate    and make   .

4.They watch  .

5.They visit   , and



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UNIT 15. WHEN’S CHILDREN’S DAY?LESSON 3By JessicaWARM UPclothes She wear new clothes at Tet.close Close the door, pleaseclflowers My mother buys lots of flowers for Tet.floor I clean the floor in the afternoon.fl1. We give our teachers lots of   on Teachers' Day.2.   the door, please.3. The   are beautiful.4. She's cleaning the   now.LISTEN AND WRITE1234flowersOpenclothesfloorLET’S CHANTWe buy flowersAnd decorate the house.We clean the floorAnd we wear new clothes. We go outAnd run along the street.We see our familyAnd all our friends.1.It's   soon.2.Mai's family go to the market and buy many  .3.They decorate    and make   .4.They watch  .5.They visit   , and .TetflowersBanh Chungfirework displaytheir grandparentsteachersfriendstheir houseWRITEBefore Tet, I During Tet, I go shopping with my motherto buy many flowers. I decorate the houseand make Banh Chung.visit my grandparents, teachersand friends. I get lucky money from my parents.I love Tet so much.LET’S PLAYFROG PRINCEDecorate the houseMake Banh ChungGet lucky moneyWatch firework displayWear nice clothesGet lucky moneyVisit grandparentsGet lucky moneyWear nice clothesThe first of MayThe first of JuneThe first of JulyThe twentieth of OctoberThe twentieth of NovemberThe twentieth of SeptemberThe first of FebruaryThe first of JanuaryThe first of MarchThe twenty-fifth of NovemberThe twenty-fifth of DecemberThe twenty-fifth of JanuaryMake Banh ChungVisit grandparentsGo shoppingMake Banh ChungWatch firework displayDecorate the houseGo shoppingDecorate the houseMake Banh ChungMake Banh ChungVisit grandparentsGo shopping

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