Giáo án môn Tiếng Anh 7 - Unit 5

I. Aim :

- Students can read and understand about “Universalisation of primary Education” and “Illiteracy Eradication” in Vietnam.

- By the end of the lesson, students will be able to use the new words through speaking

II.Teaching aids: Textbook, Chalk, Cards, Posters



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- Date of teaching: Unit 5: ILLITERACY - Period: A: Reading - School: Chau Thanh 1 High School I. Aim : - Students can read and understand about “Universalisation of primary Education” and “Illiteracy Eradication” in Vietnam. - By the end of the lesson, students will be able to use the new words through speaking II.Teaching aids: Textbook, Chalk, Cards, Posters … III.Procedures: Time Stages Teacher’s act Students’act 12’ 20’ 13’ *Warm-up: guessing game and Shark attact the word “Illiteracy” I.Pre-reading: 1.Pre-teach vocabulary: - a campaign (n) à (translation) - ethnic minority (n) (explanation) - voluntarily (adv) à (synonym) - to decrease (v) à (antonym) 2.Going through the pictures: *Questions: a. Who comes to attend this class? b. Where are they? c. What are they doing? d. What kind of textbook are they learning? e. Is this class held in the day time/ the evening? Why? 3.Find the Vietnamse equivalent to the following expressions: - Feedback: Nought and crosses (3 lucky numbers) àAnswers: 1.Phổ cập giáo dục tiểu học 2.Vùng miền núi xa xôi 3.Xoá mù chữ 4.Kỹ thuật canh tác 5.Kế hoạch hoá gia đình II.While-reading: 1.Which of the choices A, B, C, D most adequately sums up the whole passage? (task 2) - Answer: D (the fight against illiteracy) 2.Answer the questions (task 3) 1. 94% of the population 2. The campaign for illiteracy eradication 3. 1400 – one thousand four hundred 4. They voluntarily spent their vacations teaching ethnic minority illiterate people to read and write 5. Illiteracy will soon be eradicated *Feedback: III.Post-reading: Discussion *Questions: 1. What do you think about literacy in the modern world? 2. What should we do to help the illiterate people read and write? IV.Homework: -Write the answer in their notebooks -Prepare the next period - Instruct the game - Follow the steps to present new words - Give the questions -Run through - Feedback - Correct if necessary - Ask sts to read the text - Get sts to read the text again - Run through the new words - Present the questions - Model - Work in pairs - Guess the new words - Read - Copy - The whole class -Think and answer - Work in group - Give the Vietnamese meaning - Open their books - Read and choose the best answer - Answer the questions Week: ………………………. UNIT 5 : ILLITERACY Period: ………………............ Speaking Date of teaching: …………… Teacher: …………………….. I.Objective: By the end of the lesson, sts can speak some difficult problems in their school and offer solutions. II.Teacheing aids: Pictures , Posters , text book III. Procedures: Time Stages and Content Teacher’s acts Sts’ acts 7’ I. Warm up Guessing letters and jumbled word Key: Problems -T: gives a poster on the the board -shows the instructions to play game -corrects -sts: look at the poster -listen carefully and play a game 5’ 7’ 13’ II. Presentation 1.Pre-teach Vocabulary (to) cheat (v) (at (to) enforce (v) solution (n) low – income (n) 2. Task 1(Exercise in the text book) Match each problem in A with its appropriate solutions in B Key 1 b and g 2 a and e 3 d and f 4 c and j 5 i and h 3.Task 2 Talk about your school problems and offer solutions. Use the suggestions in task Discussion Think about some school problems and then give some solutions. T: -follows the steps for teaching vob T introduces what she/he is going to teach. -T asks sts to work in pairs and read Task1 to do it -T give key T and two sts read model sentences Tasks other groups read again Tasks sts to work in groups Sts - look at the board -listen and repeat -copy them Sts know what their teacher says Sts work in pairs Sts do task 1 Sts correct the mistakes Sts read model sentences with their teacher. -work in groups *Useful expressions -Have you thought about ….? -What can be done to solve this problem? -How about ….?/ what about …? -It might be a good idea to … T gives suggested useful expressions on the board. T explains some difficult words if neccessary Sts can use suggested useful expression sts can ask their teachers if they don’t know some thing -Tell some problems and solutions of their school. -sts pratise speaking and use the information of task 1, teacher’s giving. -Sts re-speak in front of the class Sts -work in groups again -think some ideas about problems and solutions of their class -practise speaking with suggested model sentences (conservation) Sts go in front of the class and retell Sts correct the mistakes 10’ I think we should … -Problems in school (in colum A – Task 1) - Offering solutions 1. School library should lend them books 2. Give some advice for them 3. Give some bicycles Model 1. Example: in the text book Task 3 Think of three or four problems your class is experiencing, Talk about them and offer solutions. You may use the cues below Suggested words -make too much noise -forget doing homework Model A: What do you think about our class size? Over 50 students so it’s difficult for teachers to help each of us B.Yes, but we don’t have enough teachers and classrooms. C.So what our school has to do is to have more teachers and have more rooms built T asks sts to tell problems and solutions of their school. Tasks sts to use the information of Task 1. -T goes around and helps sts. -T asks them to pratise in their groups. -T calls some groups to practise speaking in front of the class T asks sts to continue to work in groups again. -T asks them to give problems and solutions in their class. -T gives them some words -T asks them to practise. T calls some groups to retell their ideas T checks sts’ pronunciation 3’ III. Homework Practise speaking more time at home Write the homework on the board Do it at home PART C: LISTENING AIM: Listenin for specific information Class: 11………………. 1. Basic knowledge: words & expression Date of teaching:………….. 2. Skill: listening skill Period: 38 AIDS:1. Teacher: cassette, posters,textbook. 2. Students: textbooks. PROCEDURE: stages & activities. TIME CONTENT TEACHER STUDENTS 5’ 10’ 18’ 10’ 2’ I. WARM UP Kim’s game: effective, self- respect, maturit, academic,Perth, weakness, performance, Western Australia II.PRE-LISTENING: Pre- teach vocabulary: Imply: (v) ( situation) Weakness (n) ( antonym) Academic( adj) ( translation) Self – respect( n) ( example) Checking R & R Before you listen ( p 60) Ask & answer the questions: Have you ever done a survey? Do you know where Perth is? III. WHILE –LISTENING: While you listen ( p 60 , 61) Task 1:listen & choose the best option to complete the sentences: Checking: lucky stars Key: 1. D 2. B 3. B 4. B Task 2: listen & answer the questions Key: The survey took place in Perth. 80 percent of the students They think that they should be allowed to give some input into school decision making. IV. POST –LISTENING: After you listen( p 61) Discussing: Which do you think is more essential for better learning – good teachers or good textbooks? V. HOMEWORK: Write a short paragraph about the discussion Guides Checks Reads Elicits Models Writes Asks Runs through Plays the tape Checks Elicits Runs through Check Elicits Models Assigns Memorize Go to the board & write down the words Answer Listen & repeat Listen Repeat Copy Work in pairs Listen & take notes Work in pairs Listen to the tape the first time. Answer & correct Listen Listen to the tape the second time Work in groups Correct Listen Work in groups Listen & take notes Period: 25 Unit 5 : ILLITERACY Chau Thanh 1 high school Writing Aim: By the end of the lesson, sts can describe information in a table Lexical items: words/ phrases used in illiteracy Grammar: past & present tenses Teaching aids: textbook, pictures, T's prompts T STAGES T’s activities sts’ activities 5’ 12’ 15’ 10’ 3’ 1. Warm up: Jumbledwords - eticaduon (education) - pulatpoion (population) - liliratecy ( illiteracy ) * set the scene 2. Pre-writing Vocabulary rate (n) researcher = planner develop (v)- development (n) data (n) region = area(n) * Task 1: Gap-fill (p. 61) Key: 1 . varied rise declined different went up dramatically + Notes structures form While writing * Useful language (p. 62 ) *Write a paragraph of about 100 words, describing the information in the table. (p .62) 4. Post writing: 5. Homework: Rewrite the paragraph introducing the game - correcting - eliciting sts to tell them - writing them on bb -modeling -check (R.&.R) asking sts to read the passage and fill in the gaps. - correcting - asking sts to look the text again and pay attention to them explaining clearly - dividing class into 4 groups. - asking sts to write a para. - going around for help. - feedback ( asking sts to tick their posters on the board) - giving task - play game - listen - give them - copy - answer - groupwork - take notes - follow the T listen carefully - groupwork - present - listen - do the task at home LANGUAGE LESSON PLAN & ! Unit: Five Period: 05 Class: 11 Name of the lesson: Language focus:Pronunciation-Grammar Teacher: School: CHAU THANH I HIGH SCHOOL * Objectives: ÄSs can distinguish and pronounce two consonants /pl /- /pr / -/bl/ &ø /br / in single words and sentence. ÄBy the end of the lesson, Ss can be able to use reported speech with infinitives. *Teaching aids:Textbook, pictures *Procedures: ¹ Content Teacher’s activities Students’ activities 3’ 7’ 5 10 10 8’ 2’ I/Warm-up: Picture What does Tom say to Linda? èHe says to Linda “Please, bring the pretty blanket back to me.” FIntroduction: The pronunciation of / pl /, / bl /, / pr / & / br / diphthongs II/Pronuciation: Task 1:Listen and repeat 1.Listen and repeat: /pl/ /bl/ /pr/ /br/ play blue pride brother plow blind proof brought plug bleed practice bread 2. Reading aloud *Brian, God bless you and I’ll pray for you *I’m preparing for my pronunciation practice III/Grammar : *Vocabulary: -encourage (v) : khuyến khích -remind (v) : nhắc nhỡ -warn (v) : cảnh báo -refuse (v) : từ chối -agree (v) : đồng ý ÄChecking: R&R Reported speech with to infinitives: Œ Presentation: Pictures Picture 1 Q: What does John promise? A: He promises to give Marry a gift Picture 2 Q: What did he want? A: He wants to be a doctor Picture 3 Q: What did the teacher encourage the students? A: She encouraged the students to study harder Picture 4 Q: What did the doctor advise him? A: The doctor advised him not to eat too much ice-cream Form: Subject +V* (Object) + to inf.  Practice: Exercise 1: Keys : come back again not to swim too far from the shore 3.Peter to close the window 4.Eric to joint the football team give it to him the day after 6.Lan to become a doctor to lock the door before going to school 8.him to go home and rest for a while Exercise 2: Keys: 1.He advised me not to drink too much beer 2.He invited me to come and see him whenever I wanted 3.I asked him not to smoke in my car 4.She told me to give her my phone number 5.I reminded her to give the book back to Joe 6.John promises to to do it again 7.She agreed to wait for me. 8.He asked me to lend her some money. Ž Production : Pictures cues & Homework : Do exercise in the exercise book - Show the picture - Ask ss question - Model -Ask ss to repeat - Model - Explain - Read word by word - Model - Read - Ask Ss to practise -Elicit -Follow the step for presenting vob - Elicit (picture) - Ask - Follow the step for presenting structure - Ask Ss to give the answer - Correct -Ask ss to write out the form -Check & and ask ss to copy - Ask Ss to do excercises in pair - Correct - Ask Ss to do excercises in pair - Correct -Show pictures on the BB -Ask ss to make sentences - Give comment on the period - Give the assignment - Look at - Answer -Listen - Repeat -Listen & distinguish - Listen - Repeat -Listen & distinguish - Repeat - Work in pairs -Listen & do as directed - Answer - Do as directed - Do the work - Answer -Write out -Copy down -Do as directed in pair -Listen -Do as directed in pair -Listen -Look at -Do as directed -Listen & copy

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