Giáo án Tiếng anh 7 - Period 13



I. Objectives:

 1. Education aim:

 2. Teaching aim: By the end of the lesson, students can :

  describe rooms and homes.

  make a complaint.

  make a compliment.

II. Language contents:

 1. Vocabulary: Room and Home Vocabulary : tub, shower, sink,

 Descriptive Adjectives: lovely, bright, favorite, convenient,

2. Grammar: Present Simple Tense.

 Exclamatory sentences

 3. Structures: What + Noun!

 It has

III. Techniques: eliciting, describing, questioning & answering, role playing, game.

IV. Teaching aids: pictures, cassette.

V. Time: 45 minutes


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Period: 13 Date: 17/09/2004 UNIT 3: AT HOME LESSON 2: WHAT A LOVELY HOME! (A2) I. Objectives: 1. Education aim: 2. Teaching aim: By the end of the lesson, students can: ˜ speak and write exclamations. ˜ develop writing skill. II. Language contents: 1. Vocabulary: delicious 2. Grammar: Exclamatory sentences 3. Structures: WHAT + NOUN! III. Techniques: eliciting, describing, questioning & answering, IV. Teaching aids: pictures for presentation and practice. V. Time: 45 minutes VI. Procedures: Teacher’s activities Students’ activities Warm – up. - Ask students to write: + descriptive adjectives + vocabulary of furniture. - Ask students to describe their house. Pre – writing. - Remind students of the exclamations from the dialogue. - Give students the hints to say exclamations of real situations. - Elicit the usages of the exclamations again. - Ask students to say the structure. What + (a/an) + adjective + Noun! - Have students notice the indefinite articles: a/an. While – writing. - Ask students to write the exclamations in section 2/p.30, 31. - Explain the vocabulary: delicious - Call some students to speak the answer before the class. - Have students notice the intonation. Post – writing. - Have students write the answer down in the exercise – notebooks - Ask students to make some exclamations with their own words. - Write as directed. - Describe their house. - Read the exclamation from the dialogue a. What a lovely home! b. What an awful day! c. What a lovely living room! d. What a bright room! e. What nice colors! f. What a beautiful bathroom! g. What an amazing kitchen! h. What a great idea! - Say some exclamations of real situations. + What a hot day! + What a beautiful shirt! + What …… ! - Listen and write. - Look at the pictures and the cues to write the exclamations. 1. Complaints a. What an expensive dress! b. What an awful restaurant! c. What a wet day! d. What a boring party! e. What a bad movie! 2. Compliments a. What a great party! b. What a bright room! c. What an interesting movie! d. What a lovely house! e. What a delicious dinner! f. What a beautiful day! - Express the exclamations before the class. - Write the answer. - Say some exclamations. Homework 1. Reread the answers. 2. Learn by heart the vocabulary and the structures. 3. Do the exercise 2/p.13 (workbook) 4. Write five complaints and five compliments. Remarks ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ _________________________________________b"&"a_________________________________________

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